Chakra / Energy Balance
Feel Empowered - Be Inspired

A Frequency Experience of Energy, Colour, Sound, Enigma and Transformation. A most intense alignment working on the Etheric Bodies, Aura and Energy Centers (Chakras) reestablishing general well being leaving you lighter, balanced, charged and focused yet extremely relaxed. Besides reducing the stress factor to zero the process unravels and reveals stuck or repeated issues within the energy field which like a thief in the night robs you of precious energy, feeding off your power.

For this session I guide you through the journey of your chakras in layman’s terms, using a powerful yet simple method removing adverse energies reinstating these with empowered energy and a recharged mindset. Many issues subconsciously feed off a person’s psyche leaving one feeling tired and drained often quite unexplainably so.

Besides working in The Zone (with my guides and yours) I also make use of Chromo or Colour therapy, Aroma Essence, Sound Frequency and Crystals to enhance this process, daring you to stretch your creative visualisation ability activating balanced right/left thinking processes breaking through established unwanted barriers. The results (and pin-point issues) are quite startling.

Duration & cost depends on the individual.
R250 for 1 hour
R350 for 1.5 hours
R400 for 2 or more hours

The Chakras
We all embody seven major Chakras (energy centers), seven subtle bodies, and seven levels of consciousness. The consciousness within us responds to all of evolution, we are ONE with the Universe and thus affected by its energies. We can consider the seven levels of consciousness as seals, chakras or energy centers that need to be opened (awakened) to enable us to evolve spiritually resulting in a quantum awakening tracing our path back to The Source of all Creation. Some of the major effects of this includes revitalizing our entire psyche of which foremost is evident within the physical body and emotional/mental state of being, activating an unconscious (and for some conscious) awareness transmitting spiritual energy, which brings the individual into a space of living equilibrium. Each Chakra (energy centre) relates to a specific colour, although from a multi-dimensional aspect they really are a combination of all colours with one pigment observed in majority because of its rate of vibrational frequency. (Red relates to the Root or base chakra, violet to the Crown, and so on).

The chakras are the connection between this world and the beyond, our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realities communicating with our multidimensional and cosmic origins.

I believe we need to address and relate to these energy centers with the same ease that most of us rely on outsourcing our own healing to the rescue and hands of others. Believe me I am all for a balanced experience where there is as much space for conventional and allopathic healing as there is for healing without side effects. Everything we experience impacts on our chakric system as a whole, with the result our chakras influence our reality and all we experience. Chakras play their part as invisible hosts for our belief systems, wounds, and human spirit conditioning. These days children grow up so fast that by the time they reach their teens (and for some much earlier) their lower chakras (and to a great extend the higher chakras) are already programmed to respond conditionally, and at most times with not much responsibility. Without the knowledge to change this some end up in therapy for years, whilst others know only the drowsy cynical false comfort of the downward spiral they have become content with. Our chakras are to a large degree being influenced before birth but it is only once we give this world our voice, that first shriek, that we subconsciously acknowledge our arrival here hence ‘clock in’ for our current life experience. From that day forward these centres (as with the subconscious) absorb our every thought, word, deed and all we experience and are exposed to like a sponge. Our subconscious starts revealing its program at a much later age than our chakras as these intriguing Wheels of Light spin us out of one experience into the next influencing and shaping our lives.

It is a known fact amongst healers and scientists that energy precedes matter thus that which has manifested as dis-ease in the physical was active etherically long before the onset of any physical symptoms, thus the first noticeable physical reaction is ultimately the last place of manifestation.

Embracing our consciousness means being in the know yet allowing mystery to unfold all around. The time is here for all of us to let our oblivious rose-tinted outlook slide along with the wounds of our past that fed off this, tricking us into repetitive pardon, but instead, rather empowering ourselves with tools and the right emotional/mental mindset to make a difference to our lives as we rescript a happy and prosperous outcome of our newly imprinted reality

Gems, Crystals, Metals & Minerals
Matter is crystallized spirit holding a set structure. Gems stimulate the healing of the physical body, based on the principle of resonance or harmonic vibration. Crystals have a natural alignment with the electro magnetic fields. When the body is dis-eased, it holds unstable molecular patterns which gemstones can heal as light passes though it, as with a laser beam. When used therapeutically these work well with chromotherapy, they’re pure in colour and unadulterated in their affairs. Rays are also concentrated in the gems as they have been in the ground for hundreds of thousands of years. These can be used to balance, harmonize and integrate energy. Crystals are the most highly evolved form of consciousness in the mineral kingdom and are physical tools for reflecting man’s own Inner Light and can be invaluable for self-transformation as these gems serve as relay stations and atomic transmitters reacting along photonic Vibrational frequencies receiving and transmitting frequency thus Light.

The Effects of Colour
The medical profession confirms that some colours stimulate, others depress, and some invoke cheerfulness whilst others relax, some even set up irritation and others bring physical discomforts. Colour plays a major role within our lives, as it is the visible manifestation of Universal Energy. It acts on our physical bodies, expanding or balancing us at a deep level, effecting every system, organ, cell and tissue within the body. Each colour has its own relating endocrine gland and its own governing system or body part which is stimulated via separate nerve plexus that responds to the frequency of the colour. Scientists have confirmed this research since the early 1970’s

The Psychology behind colour
Psychology is not just for the sick or ‘unstable’, it is designed for balancing the mental / emotional processes, which all can aid from. It is confirmed and accepted that where colour is used as an outside stimulant, the effect is to help expedite a communication between the left and the right brain lobes. It evokes human responses, and it has been proven that when one introduces a new colour into your wardrobe or environment it has the ability to replace a pattern of response in the left brain (the past) thus a past program or habit may be released allowing new experiences of life to take its place. When buying a new outfit with a different colour to our usual wardrobe it would often inspire one to have a change of hairstyle, or have new coloured accessories. When changing the colour of your walls and interior, a new vase or ornament is without question in the cards. Thus when the left brain is stimulated by a colour, the right brain has the opportunity to change existing patterns.

Metaphysics and Colour
The metaphysical concept of colour has been studied since the beginning of time but more intensely over the past 30 years. Every living organism has an energy field around it. An energy field surrounds each cell within our bodies. Our body, comprised of trillions of cells, is totally enveloped by a constant active energy field. Universes consist of living organisms / bodies thus our biological universe has the same amplified energy field surrounding it. This is known as an Electromagnetic field, which is fed by energy frequencies that enhances or injures all within its surroundings.

We are supplied with this energy through air, food, and the elements, which we allow to affect us. The body gets its energy from its cells and from the universe, which places it in the midst, within its own energy field called the Aura. The ideal is to be aware of the definition of your Aura, in colour. This constantly changes according to the physical health of the body and the state of the mind.

The scientific proof of the frequencies of colour has been widely accepted and recorded through laboratory research and more recently the acknowledgement of the Kirlian method. The X-ray machine takes photographs of the inside (Skeleton), and Kirlian photography of the outside (Aura).

According to studies there are over 10 000 colours (hues/shades/tints), which is believed to be approximately 2 % of the total light spectrum. As humans we are only able to see 2% of the 10 000 colours within our Universe. When asked why we don’t see all of visual light the answer given was that perhaps this is a limitation of homo-sapiens, the 5 sensory human.

Kirlian photography was discovered by Semyon and Valentina Kirlian in the 1940’s. In essence it involves high-voltage, high-frequency electricity that is applied to the underside of a plate made of an insulating material such as glass. When any conductive object (which could be metal or any material containing water, such as the human body) is placed on this plate, there ensues an electric discharge through the air where the gap is narrow, thus close to the object. Light from this discharge can be recorded on a photographic film placed between the object and the electrified plate. Through the Kirlian method it was discovered that the characteristics of the discharge varied according to the person’s physiological and mental states.

Bioelectrography or Gas-Discharge-Visualisation (GDV) is currently in practice taking the Kirlian method into the new age. It was formulated and ‘discovered’ by Russian scientist Konstantin Korotkov in St Petersburg. This involves no photography thus a tremendous advantage in terms of speed and convenience. Instead, the light from the electric discharge passes down through the glass plate to an electronic camera underneath. From here, the image goes to the computer in digital form. The high standards of design and construction of these instruments ensure that comparable results can be obtained among all those who use them. These images (beograms) reveal scientific proof of quantum biology, healing within the Age of Aquarius.