Massage is about the art of touch, a brilliant massage is taking this art to the next level, that of being in true alignment with the person being treated. Everyone longs to be touched and loved, though few are lucky enough to have this. Whilst I connect to the essence and physicality of your being allowing my intuition and many years of skilful training & practice to shift your tension and limitations, you drift off into a world of bliss, no matter the muscle manipulation.

Personalised Full Body MassageThe techniques used depends on the person being treated hence not conventionally set-out but rather blending deep tissue and soft muscle manipulation as needed. I use an aroma blend according to requirements, following Meridian, lymphatic flow and reflex points.

R350 for 1.5 hours

Back Alignment (excellent for knots/stress/tension)
Here I combine the use of hot stone therapy and infra-red which allows deep and lasting relaxation of taught tense muscles guaranteeing excellent results! Although the focus is on the back, one has to complement it by including the neck, shoulders, head and feet.

R250 for 1 to 1.5 hours

Eastern flavor
Original Indian Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage. Unwind with a difference! This is either done seated or lying down. Not quite as intense as the back alignment, yet a sturdy challenge for any aches and pains. A true Ayurvedic touch!

R200 for 1 hour

All of my massage treatments include genuine cold pressed carrier oils blended with pure high quality essential oils and the use of hot stones.