Facials ~ The best (real) spoil for your skin!
All the facials that I offer are truly holistic, luxurious, anti-ageing & therapeutically regenerative no matter your choice. We all want beautiful glowing skin, yet many of us have evolved from the usual hum-drum-Barbie-experience with a therapist that barely knows that you are there only wanting to get you out to get the next one in, and don’t forget the sales…

Since I am not conventional, neither is anything that I do! No matter my spiritual passions I LOVE doing facials, taking personal care of the person’s skin paying attention to the whole experience instead of being mechanical. The product that I use* is such an awesome compliment to what I do, I couldn’t have done it without Taryna’s help. The fact that her and Ivan (her husband) are devoted Lightworkers certainly is the cherry on the cake as this product is a pure extension of their integrity.

Conventional Facial
This entails the Taryna French Signature facial* with soothing background music and extra pampering of hands and feet.

R350 for 1.5 to 2 hours

Woo-Woo Facial
This entails the Taryna French Signature Facial* which includes guided meditations, crystals, and energy work (Chakra / Aura recalibration).

R400 for 2 hours

For the following two treatments I use Crystals and Mists throughout the journey. I work in a deep meditative state, under close guidance and assistance from above. The whole experience is very intense. Many feel themselves transported back in time. The most prominent of experiences dates back to early Egypt, Atlantis or Lemuria.

The Body Electric (massage combined with energy work)
This is a most fabulous intense body massage using pure Aroma oils, a combo of deep/soft muscle manipulation done only on the back of the body (full) which includes Hot stones, Chakra Recalibration, some Cranio work, also Reiki, all in one session

R350 for 1.5 hours

Chromotherapy Auric Recharge
This super boost of the Auric Field may be offered as an extension of the Body Electric Experience. It is done on the front of the body only. In this session we determine what colours you would benefit from at the time, thus needing to recharge the etheric, as well as the physical (generalised). I connect with the Rays of Creation activating and clearing the individual Chakra Flame cores supported by colour flooding whilst you float away on a guided meditation or soothing sounds.

R150 for 1 hour

Detox Therapy
Full Body Lymph Drainage combining manual massage with mechanical drainage. This treatment includes full body exfoliation & detox body wrap using Taryna Elemental detoxifying range*.

there is simply no substitute for the ‘real thing’

Taryna Elemental Aromatherapy Range is a high performance range of body aligned natural beauty products. Taryna products are light, readily assimilated and complement the skin’s matrix by supporting it from the dermal layer. They establish and care for a healthy skin by maintaining the balance of the skin’s natural chemistry. The Taryna range is formulated to treat all skin types and conditions and is excellent for managing distressed skin conditions like acne, pigmentation, adolescent breakouts etc.

Taryna natural skincare solutions are vegetable based and have been forged in clinical applications for 25 years. Products are skillfully blended with up to 50 select plant oils, rich in natural antioxidants, natural vitamins and beta-carotene, Linoleic and Gamma Linolenic acids (GLA). Other botanicals contain natural phyto-hormones and properties for improving skin texture and elasticity or assist with cleansing, toning, nourishing, stimulating microcirculation, cell metabolism, and cellular regeneration, improve barrier functions, and assist against aging and damaging environmental effects.

Unique psychotherapeutic properties of essential oils harnessed in specialized blends enhance both physical and emotional wellbeing. They have the capacity to work on the entire human organism through the olfactory sense and limbic system, reducing stress, harmonizing emotional and mental states and inducing wellbeing.

Taryna products restore balance, beauty and wellbeing to its rightful place in your life. They reconnect you with the life sustaining energy source and transformational power of Nature. They are select, refined and sophisticated, accessibly priced, offer excellent value and are backed by a full unconditional warranty.

“When you find something this good... We think it’s worth sharing with someone special.”

*Taryna Elemental Signature Facial I am a distributor for the Taryna Range which I got to know exceptionally well since 2007. The results I have seen and experienced is simply astounding. I use the full Taryna range in both facials supporting a double cleanse, deeply penetrative and detoxing including a double mask which includes a French thermal treatment mask. This leaves the skin completely rejuvenated, revitalised, optimally regenerated taking years off in a flash. All products are on sale. For more info on the Taryna Range please see our ‘recommended links’ page.