Workshops / Playshops

As with everything on this site, the aim of our workshops is about self empowerment having plenty of fun doing so. We aim to set the stage for an amazing experience of note. Besides enjoying a jammed packed day having a most delightful time in ‘heaven-mode’ with friends, you are bound to have a laugh a minute. The teachings will open your eyes to a whole new world as we journey through the world of Colour & Sound, Enigma & Transformation.

Although our workshops are of high intensity, they always carry an extremely light-hearted fun and jovial undertone, awakening the subconscious reaction to the mysteries of this world. The colour workshops include learning stacks about energy & our new unfolding reality. During these workshops one is guided through the process of painting a personal Mandala (pattern) whilst I share some real insights on Colour, The Chakras and The Rays. Brandon usually shares on his speciality which is The Kabbalah & Medieval Astrology as well as many other topics as the day unfolds from the latest CBC News {Cosmic Broadcasting Corp}, such as the new unfolding reality of our refined tri level Mer-Ka-Na Crystalline Lightbody System - what does this mean, how can we aim to achieve this etc. We usually finish the day with an overview of your creations closing with a most divine sublime meditation or channelling. Without fail each participant will be blown away at their Create-Ability even without a single artistic bone in their body. Allow Love and Laughter to transform your life, shifting communication dynamics, rendering you relaxed & free from negativity, stress and tension, restoring your self-confidence as you transform the mundane into the magnificent.

All workshops include A-Grade art materials, notes (if applicable), a guided analysis of your painting, Meditations, Messages & Guidance given throughout, A Mountain of Wisdom, plenty of laughs and much more! We also offer extensive manuals on the topics of colour and chakras, as well as the latest crystal jewelry and and more for sale.You wouldn’t want to leave!

Affordable rates/flexible energy exchange.
The aim of these regular on site workshops is about guiding both the new comer and the adept through various spiritual teachings which include all topics in favor of ascension and the New Earth. These workshops combine practical creativity and creative visualisation allowing the attendees to blossom according to their life script. Although we gather in groups it is up to the individual when it comes to their evolution. These workshops are offered at a very affordable rate to allow regular participation.